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For nearly 20 years, Enerdyne Thermal Solutions, Inc. has supported commercial and military programs with thermal engineering services and specialized product solutions of the highest performance and reliability. Enerdyne has both developed and thermally characterized numerous products and materials for a variety of customers; examples include: Thermal interface and heat spreader materials, photovoltaic and satellite panels, thermoelectric devices, and coldplates.

Enerdyne specializes in ultra-high performance metallic thermal interface solutions and fluxless, void-free Indium-based soldered assemblies. We are a recognized authority in the field of Phase Change Metallic Alloy (PCMA) and Low Melt Alloy (LMA) thermal interfaces (TIMs) for use in cooling electronics. Enerdyne's Indigo™ is the only reworkable metallic thermal interface in the world today to pass industry environmental tests for long-term reliability. Enerdyne's custom, high-performance thermal interface solutions and heat spreaders can be found in applications worldwide.

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Enerdyne Thermal Solutions, Inc
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